• Image of Cosmic Turtle Buttons

Since some humans currently seem to be confused by the concept of self-preservation, allow us to channel the mighty turtle. Many Native American cultures - including the Iroquois & Lenape - embrace her as a real-world representation of Mother Earth, a reminder to honor her for all that she gives us. They have passed down the tale of the Cosmic Turtle for many generations, telling of how she gently carries the world upon her back as she lumbers through the universe. She is an enduring symbol of persistence and endurance, and thought to be the balance of opposing principles. Could there be a more appropriate Spirit Animal for these strange, savage times than the turtle?

A portion of the sale proceeds from this 3 pack of 1" round buttons will be donated to The Schuylkill Action Network, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and The Delaware Riverkeeper.

Clean water is a right, not a privilege. Stay human, stay kind, keep evolving. #RespectOurMother